Spenser's Story of the Constitution


Spenser’s Story of the Constitution records the battles between small states and large states that nearly resulted in failure, and it describes the compromises both sides made to establish our nation. 

Spenser's Story of Harriet Tubman

The second of nine journals known to exist narrated by the extraordinary cat Spenser, this new book tells his story of the life of Harriet Tubman, the run-away slave who became a courageous conductor on the Underground Railroad. 

  Stories from Squirrel Hill


                                                                                     Stories from Squirrel Hill is a series of adventures of Madison, a little girl who lives far away from cities and people—in a distant place called Squirrel Hill. Sharing her adventures are her best friends, three stuffed animals—Ellie, Kitty and Monk-Monk,—as well as many other animals who live on this special Hill.



Order the read-aloud Stories from Squirrel Hill series, as well as Spenser’s stories on both Harriet Tubman and The Writing of the Constitution from Amazon.com.