Spenser's Story of the Constitution

The most important document in American history was drafted in 1787 at the State House in Philadelphia. Spenser, the building’s caretaker—a cat and close friend of Ben Franklin—was there to record how 55 delegates from 12 states struggled to write the Constitution.  

Spenser’s Story of the Constitution records the battles between small states and large states that nearly resulted in failure, and it describes the compromises both sides made to establish our nation.

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Appeals to Ages 9 to 99
Reading Level: Grade 5

Reviews for Spenser's Story of the Constitution

Clever and Informative for any age!

“This is a very clever book that anyone, of any age, would enjoy. This is written to appeal to school age children, but any reader will be entertained and enlightened. I have a new found respect for our Constitution now, as well as that turbulent time period in our country's history.”

— review by Renee D. on Amazon.com

Must Read for Young and Old!

“I enjoyed this book from Spenser's take and the book was an easy read to understand and how much work went into the people involved with writing the constitution. I now would like to go to Philadelphia and see where all this took place.”

— review by Louise D. on Amazon.com

Beautifully conceived storytelling.

“Mr. Clark breathes a refreshing new life into the events leading up to the drafting and signing of our Constitution. Brimming with colorful prose and insightful dialog, Spenser's Story of the Constitution is a truly inspired telling of this great historical moment that is sure to spark the imagination of young readers. Highly recommended.”

— review by Thomas B. on Amazon.com