Stories from Squirrel Hill: BOOK ONE

Madison and her three plush animals live on Squirrel Hill along with other not-so-plush animals. No one seems to care much who is plush or who isn't. But new friends--or old ones--can find them in one place or another, and they all love visiting with everyone who comes by. Squirrel Hill is a place where curiosity and imagination are always nearby! So, Welcome to Squirrel Hill!!

  1. Crossing Briar Woo, now Available On

  2. Just an Ordinary Elephant & the bald cardinal, released in August 2018 and also available on amazon.

  3. 'Big Audie & the runt', A Fly in Kitty’s Whiskers & 'Kaila Searches for a Pink Dog', along with the first 3 Stories Released now all together in one book!!

These tales are charmingly illustrated by Ray Driver, and should be read aloud to children ages 4-7. The Squirrel Hill books are artfully designed by Rich Pottern.



AVAILABLE ON Amazon!!!!!


"Can I live forever on Squirrel Hill with my friends?"

"Of course you can, Arnold, let me help you pack a bag."

--A mother to her 5-year-old son.